Digi-M-Jet - The innovation from Digikett

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Give your proven printing machines the functions of the future!

Integrate the Digi-M-Jet into your existing production

The solution for hybrid, digital color printing!

The "Digi-M-Jet" is a "ALL IN ONE FULL-COLOR PRINT TOWER" mobile and flexible complement to your web presses. The unit is versatile and saves costs by connecting to your presently paper transport systems. Tension-feed or pin-feed web gives a variety of opportunities. With two "Digi-M-Jet" print towers you have the possibility to print color HSI (High Speed Inkjet) in wide web or duplex achieving a quality resolution of 1600 dpi by 1375 at speeds up to 102 m/min. By combining up to 4 Digi-M-Jet Print Towers you achieve capacities up to 35.000 A4 pages variable duplex in full-color per hour.

What is the Memjet technology?

Page-Wide Printhead


The Memjet technology differs from other inkjet technologies with a static printhead. While many inkjet print heads are moving edge to edge the Memjet technology uses a page wide static printhead avoiding moving parts. Therefore keeping maintainence cost down and is operating friendly.


Fast print speeds

With the stationary print head, it is possible to achieve very high printing speeds. This was previously only possible with laser printers. The Memjet print speed is achieved by a high number of print nozzles. There are 70,000 small nozzles on one print head at a width of 8,69"(222mm) - wide enough to cover one A4 sheet. The size of one ink nozzle forms droplets of barely 1 Piktoliter. (Smallest drop volume among all inkjet printers)

Conventional ink-jet printers use movable print heads moving line by line at the width of the paper. After each line, the printing paper is pushed slightly further along the paper and prints the next line. By comparison, the Memjet color printer is based on the waterfall technology: The paper is fed under the print head, while the nozzles create a "color waterfall" at full-width . Special chips had to be developed for the control system and data flow

A machine developed by Digikett

The Digi-M-Jet is a digital printing press with five (5) Memjet color print heads (MJP-1100). The Digi-M-Jet can be positioned in line with existing rotary presses or finishing equiment . The paper web can be driven either with pin holed paper (Remaliner) or with pinless tight web. The Digi-M-jet system can be set up in-line or right angled to your installed equipment. The Digi-M-Jet can be used also as a stand-alone unit by imprinting variable data with a pack-to-pack method using pinholed paper.

Get into High Speed Digital color print - in addition to your fully fitted equipment.

Start with a Digi-M-Jet for variable color images with a width of up to 222mm. Expand your system to duplex or to double width by adding more Digi-M-Jet units.

The standard print head has 10 channels for a total of 5 inks CMYK+S, we use one head with 10 channels for one color, and use 5 heads in combination for each color.  With the system of Digikett each pixel is divided into 10 rows of nozzles. If a nozzle is clogged,  only every 10´th pixel would drop out. This malfunction is not visible to the eye. This system ensures high productivity at high speed!

Schematic representation

Affordable & effective

Combine our revolutionary Memjet printhead and software, with our special inks for borderless color print  and labels. Memjet is energy friendly and ink economical, for high quality money saving printing.

Your solution for digital color printing

  • Operating frindly and easily explained to your employees.
  • Move the Digi-M-Jet in the right position as needed. Suitable to your existing equipment - Inline or at right angles.
  • Start the future of digital ink jet printing with one Digi-M-Jet system and expand later as needed, for double width and duplex print.
  • Benefit from short setup time - especialy for short runs.
  • Combine your existing machines with the full color digital Digi-M-Jet unit and start in the hybrid print business
  • Print variable text and images digital and use Offset for the rest - saves ink and money.
  • Use the unit offline or inline with existing quipment.


Digi-M-Jet von vorne

HSI - High Speed Inkjet

HSI in your press

HSI for retrofitting

HSI as a complete system

Technical details of the Digi-M-Jet Unit:
Speed: max. 102 m/ min.
Flexible web width: bis max. 520,7mm
Printing width: max. 2 x 8,69"
max. Resolution: 1600 x 1375dpi
Media types: Uncoated offset paper and inkjet optimized coated papers
Consumables: Memjet page wide print heads, ink tanks 55l CMYK+S
Digital Front End: Xitron Work Flow Harlequin RIP and Colormanagemant
Memjet® Aspen Print Engines
5 colors: CMYK + Spot
Quick and easy setup with Xitron workflow.
Ethernet as the primary communication channel
Borrego Control-PC: Win7 OS, 64-bit, Moby Data Channel-Computer
IOS of the Digi-M-Jet Unit in and outs:
MASTER operation: SLAVE operation:
·Encoder Signal out
·9 PIN
·adjustable by the operator
·IP out to Omron
·Encoder Signal in
·9 PIN
·adjustable by the operator
·IP in from Omron
·Digital in
·Emergency stop
·Digital out
·Emergency stop
register control printing:
1.) on paper feed tractors
2.) on mark readers
3.) on 0 pulse of the master machine


Powered by Memjet

Memjet enhanced printing machines in a variety of industry segments with a resolution of 1600 x 1135 dpi at a speed of 102 meters per minute.

The high resolution allows a microprint of a size of 2 points or less, the font remains clearly. This is revolutionary and a milestone in the inkjet printing technology marked. Memjet has created an entirely new category of inkjet printing, as it introduced its revolutionary printhead technology. The color printheads use Memjets unique "Waterfall Printhead Technology" whit millions of ink droplets per second on the sheet.


Digi-M-Jet von vorne



Memjet width 5 printheads

waterfall technology Digi-M-Jet